Kistler Creative provides a wide variety of Creative Services including Illustration, Graphic Design, Logos, Photography, Video Production and Music.

What separates my company from other businesses that offer creative solutions for their clients is the unique and rare combination of artistic capabilities combined with a strong human relations foundation.  You will discover that I am able to provide many creative services, all of them being “equal” in nature. 

Simply put, Kistler Creative is “Your One Stop, Creative Shop”.

With almost 20 years of professional experience, the following is a list of services Kistler Creative is capable of providing : Abstract PaintingsAlbum CoversAnimationBand LogosBand PostersBusiness CardsCaricatures/CartoonsCorporate LogosFilm/Video ProductionGraphic DesignGraphic NovelsGreeting CardsHouse PortraitsIllustration (airbrush/digital/graphite/pen&ink)Music SoundtracksPet PortraitsSurrealistic ArtworkWatercolor Paintings and Website Design/ Graphics


I am now a member of Thumbtack and available for all types of creative projects.  Click on the icon below to visit my profile:



Let’s work together!  I am available for client inquiries and for freelance projects.


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  1. Aloha Kurt! …your site is fantastic! You, my friend, are ULTRA CREATIVE!!!

    Namaste, Eagle

  2. Thank you for finding me, intuitive friend.
    Liane Wakabayashi

  3. Janet Ver Jan 17th 2012

    Very cool…looking for creative help on a website and documentary of dissertation.

  4. Hi Janet! I would love to help you create a stunning website and definitely can help you produce a video too! I will send you an email and we will arrange a meeting to discuss your creative needs.
    ~ Kurt

  5. Stephanie Mar 2nd 2012

    You always WERE a kidder, Steve.

  6. admin Mar 2nd 2012

    Yes, I was. Funny how “Harvester” is still as strange today as it was when it came out. What a cool experience. I am glad I had the opportunity because it sure has never happened again.
    ~ Kurt

  7. Sergeant at Arms Jul 6th 2012

    Hi Kurt! I have created Harvester fan page on Facebook and would like to interview you.The fans would love it, and so would I :) Please check out my fan page:

  8. admin Jul 9th 2012

    Hi Aarno! Sure, I would love to talk to you about my experience filming Harvester. It was one of the coolest creative opportunities I have ever had. How often do you get he chance to play the lead character in a video game? Probably never, which is the reason why I took advantage of the situation when it presented itself. Glad to hear that there are still some Harvester fans out there.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    ~ Kurt

  9. Sergeant at Arms Aug 5th 2012

    Hi Kurt! I sent you an email, I hope you got it. Can’t wait to hear more about you and Harvester :)

    – Aarno

  10. Hi Aamo,

    I just sent you an email with all of the answers to the interview questions you had about HARVESTER. Thanks for such a unique opportunity!

    ~ Kurt

  11. Carsten Jan 24th 2014

    Hi Kurt,
    glad to see that you`re still out there somewhere. It`s a pity that those Era of the “Movie” Games with real Actor-Scenes ended so fast, I liked them much more than those “3-D Stuff” today. I`ve managed it to collect nearly all Games from these Times which included real Actor-Scenes, except for Harvester which I still try to get my Hands on. Unfortunately, you couldnt buy it (Second Hand) here officially somewhere, maybe only on a very rare occasion from Collectors which (of course) would either not give it away (neither would I if I had it) or take extremely Prices for it. Last one I talked to said they have offered him already over 150 Euros (over 200 USD) for the Game. So the only Chance I have is to import it from the US while buying it over Ebay – but if the Customs would catch the Package, I risk that they will come and search my Home just because they are thinking I sell those Stuff to Minors (even if it`s a nearly 20 Years old Game meanwhile). Crazy, isnt it ? Some things are just too bureaucratic here I guess. Well, keep up the good Work and take Care. Greets from Germany,

  12. Hi Carsten,

    I am glad you can appreciate the older games that incorporated cinematic sequences into the actual gameplay, especially the ones in Harvester. To me, those are my favorite parts of the game. They are like mini movies that only enhance the rest of the game. I also agree with you that they are way better than the CGI characters that are pretty much in ALL games today. Even with motion capture, there is nothing like watching a real person actually act and react on camera. I know some are better than others these days, but it’s the basic principle of the thing that makes it unique.

    Sorry you have been dealing with the “horders” of Harvester 😉 I can’t believe that there is still a fuss over the game almost 20 years later. I’ll see what I can do to remedy the situation for you.

    So great to hear from a Harvester fan from Germany!
    Best Regards,
    ~ Kurt

  13. Darren Oct 24th 2014

    Hi Kurt. I just bought Harvester on Steam. You have a cult following!

    I would love to see some game developer make an FMV game like Harvester with today’s computer technology.

    I also saw the trailer for Dead Reckoning. I thought those zombies entering the church were your fans. : )

  14. Hey Darren,

    Thanks for the funny comment. You are correct: some of those zombies were Harvester Fans! I agree that Harvester would be a crazy experience if they were to make it today with all the creative tools we have at our disposal.

    It’s gotten to the point where if you can imagine it, you can create it…which is amazing. I need to get my own copy from Steam and finally play it all the way through just to see the parts I have never seen yet.

    Take Care and Happy Gaming,
    ~ Kurt

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